Sierra Resort - Nabq Bay, Sharm el Sheikh
3 Bedroom apartment for rent at the Sierra Resort - Nabq Bay
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The beaches are not aways this empty, this picture was taken early one morning, sun rising in the east
Nabq bay is quiter and more relaxing than Naama bay, ideal for those who need to chill out

The pedestrian walkway adjacent to the beach stretches the whole length of Nabq Bay
A casual stroll (approx 40 minutes) or cycle ride (approx 15 minutes) is a good way to take in the scenary along the beach
Nabq Bay supports fantastic wildlife both above and below the water line
A visit to the mangroves in the north of the bay is well worth a visit
Nabq Bay is a beautiful place, no wonder its recognised as a National Park area. The protection granted to this area of the Sinai pennisula means it cannot be over developed, which makes it a very pleasent place to visit and stay.
Nabq Bay area
"La Strada" and Al Khan are the main shopping area's in Nabq Bay, there are recognised brand names and local mechandise available, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and the entertainment in the evening is a popular event.
For those who like to stick to tradition there is Hard Rock cafe, TGI Friday's, Pizza Hut, KFC and Macdonalds available all to European recognised standards and very competitive prices to match.
If you want to venture into the desert guided camel or horse riding tours are available, along with quad biking in the dunes. If you fancy this try to avoid the heat of the day, it will make your experience more enjoyable.