Sierra Resort - Nabq Bay, Sharm el Sheikh
3 Bedroom apartment for rent at the Sierra Resort - Nabq Bay
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q - Is it true the temparature can be above 40°C in the summer?
A - Yes, it is very hot in the summer and you must remain hydrated and use plenty of sun cream, its good practice to wear a hat. The humidity is dry with a breeze, this can give an impression of it being in the high 30's - be careful.
Q - Do I need a visa?
A - Please note that a VISA is required ONLY IF you have plans to travel outside of Sharm El Sheikh during your stay. These are purchased at the airport on your arrival and cost approximately £10.  You will not be able to travel outside sharm without one. A visa is needed to visit Ras Mohammed National Park. 
Q - Can I change cash and travellers cheques easily in Sharm?
A - There are banks, foreign exchange offices and cash points in Nabq Bay and Naama Bay for you to get local currency or change your money. The amount of Egyptian pounds that you can take into the country is limited, so check with a travel agent at home. The US Dollar is a popular currency and you will often see merchandise with a price in US Dollars.
Q - Do I need any vaccinations?
A - It is advisable to have the necessary vaccinations for a visit to  Egypt, check with your GP.
Q - Is it safe to drink the water?
A - The mains water in Egypt does not suit western Europeans. Buy bottled water and drink plenty of it while in the sun, use bottled water to brush your teeth, the mains water is fine for a shower.
Q - Can you eat the salads and fruit?
A - The salads will have been washed in local water so they can cause an upset stomach. Its probably best to only eat fruit that you can peel.
Q - Is there a good selection of restaurants available?
A  - There are many different types of cuisine available with some really nice restaurants in Nabq and Naama Bay, including those we see in Europe (Hard Rock Cafe, TGI's, Starbucks, KFC, Mcdonalds etc).
Q - Are there plenty of Pharmacies available?
A -  Yes, they are generally well stocked and helpful to your needs - the Pharmacist will probably speak a little English.
Q - Are there dangerous fish in the red sea?
A - Please recognise that this is a tropical environment and there are the usual predatory fish in open water. There are also smaller fish that can bite or sting near the reef.  Generally they will choose to avoid you and only defend themselves when provoked or attacked. Be sensible and familiarise yourself with the marine life you shouldn't approach or touch (including corals). Make sure children are aware and supervise them while swinmming near the reef, remember not to walk on the coral.
Q - Are you expected to tip for services provided?
A - Egyptian people earn very little and they really appreciate a tip. It does not need to be large, remember 1 Egyptian pound is about 10p or 15 Euro cents. Keep your one pound Egyptian notes handy, they are useful for the back pocket.
Q - What numbers should you call if an emergency occurs?
A - If you are in the Sierra Resort complex use the reception if you need information or an emergency occurs, they will communicate efficiently. If you are not in the complex the following numbers are useful to note.
To the UK
Dialling code from Egypt to the UK is +44, followed by the local area code without the 0 and then the number.

From the UK
Dialling code from the UK to Egypt is +2, followed by the local area code and the number.
Local area code Sharm: 069

Police station: 069 3611 900/160 or 069 3660 415
Tourist Police: 069 3660 311
Marine police: 069 3660 633
Fire station: 069 3600 630/180
Ambulance: 069 3600 554/123
Hyperbaric chamber: 069 3660 922/3
Tourist Information - Sharm El Sheikh Tourist Information
Tel : 062 762 704
If there are any questions not covered here, please include them in your enquiry, we will aim to answer all questions