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The visitors to the reef include Hawksbill, Green and Sea turtles that can often be seen while snorkelling
Bottlenose and spinner dolphins can often be seen in pods in open water during a boat trip  

The Red Sea has a max temperature of 30°C and a min temperature of 20°C, ideal for year round diving
With 1,248 species of fish and 250 species of coral its a wonderful place to dive

The diving rules of look, observe, but don't touch often means the underwater life is curious to see you too
There are 31 recognised dive sites between Jackson reef in the Straits of Tiran down to Shark and Yolanda reef in Ras Mohammed
Snorkel to your heart's content anywhere along the red sea coast, the coral and marine life is stunning. Use the jetty's stretching out over the fringe coral to swim in the deeper water to experience something totally different. Snorkelling trips to Tiran Island can be booked in the shopping halls, its an enjoyable boat trip for all the family, lunch is usually served on board and you will have opportunities to snorkel in many places or even step of onto Tiran island. Life vests are usually provided to those who request one. Private boat trips can also be arranged if required.
Diving in the Red Sea
Diving is fantastic in the Red Sea and compares to some of the best dive sites in the world. Opposite the apartment in the Straits of Tiran, several coral reefs can be seen namely Jackson, Gordon, Woodhouse & Thomas reef. On Gordon Reef you can see quite prominently the shipwreck of Loullia, a Russian barge that ran aground in heavy sea. Diving on this reef is the opposite side to the wreck in the calm protected water. The shipwreck Million Hope can easily be dived from here, visible from the Nabq coastline on the edge of the shore coral where the water gets deeper.
The shipwrecks Carina, Dunraven, Kingston & Thistlegorm are all accessible and can be booked in the dive centre in the shopping hall or with your preferred supplier. Personally we use local suppliers for dive trips to Tiran islands and Ras Mohammed, only because it is convenient (short trip to Sharks Bay), boats leave from the jetty regularly to the Tiran dive sites and beach dives are available if you need a refresher dive.  
Just the other side of Tiran Island on Saudi Arabia soil is the wreck of a different kind, a PBY-5/BuNo. 48397 sea plane run on to the beach reef, while under machine-gun fire from Bedouins on Mar. 22, 1960. The plane was abandoned with 300 bullet holes in the fuselage. This can be seen from some boat trips.

 * Remember your diving license and any medical documents you may need, check before you leave, the dive centres are managed in a very professional way in the red sea*